Privacy Policy
Effective Date: June 20, 2017

Weithy is a service (collectively known as the “Service”) that can be used to share media content (videos, gifs, pdfs, and images) through our mobile and web based applications. Just upload a video or capture a new one on your device and edit the start and stop points of the video, as well as a cover image for your video; add a title to your Weithy and upload it to our platform. We will then compile a GIF image as well as a PDF document(s), comprised of still images from your video, which can be printed out and arranged to make a physical flip book, perfect for sharing your most precious memories. Your Weithy can be made public to the world or private only to you. Public content can be viewed, downloaded, or reported as offensive.

Your privacy is very important to us and this Privacy Policy explains how we use, collect, share, and guard your information while using our Services. Please read this policy carefully.

By using our Services, you agree and understand that you are using our platform to submit videos which will be converted into still images, GIFs, and PDFs (“User Content”) to our Service. Your User Content can be made public (available to any user) or private (only available to you).

Our Privacy Policy applies to anyone you visits, access, or otherwise use our Service (known as, “Users”).

Our Privacy Policy does not control what content Users submit to the platform. However, if a User has been reported to submit offensive content, that user may be blocked form using our Services.


We collect the following types of information:

Personal Information:
Your username, e-mail, and password you provide when you register for a Weithy account.
Device specific information (such as an IP Address, device/browser type, and device identifiers as available from phones or tablets).
User content (videos, photos, PDFs, GIFs, likes/blocks, and any other user interaction with our Service).
Any message sent by you directly to us.
Any message sent by us to you (for example, a change to our Privacy Policy or response to a message sent by you, the user).

Log File Information:
Any time you use our mobile or web app, we collect information including, but not limited to, when you accessed the app and from what kind of device (mobile phone or web browser, for example), IP address, clicks and interactions with links and buttons on our platform.

Metadata may include, but not limited to, information added to User Content, such as users who liked, blocked, and/or downloaded your User Content.

We reserve the right to use your information as already explained in this Privacy Policy with a few additional notes.
1) We may use your information to diagnose certain bugs or pitfalls in our Service to help better improve our Service in the future.
2) Track usage information to help optimize Users experience with our Service.
3) Keep a recorded account of all activity for potential legal proof of conduct.

INFORMATION SHARING: Your private information (including, but not limited to, username, password, device identifiers, User Content of private accounts) will not be shared with any third parties without your consent unless we have given you notice in advance that your information will be shared and with whom. Your information may be shared, however, with a third party if it does not specifically identify you personally.

We reserve the right to maintain and share your information with authorities in response to a legal request (such as a court order, subpoena, or search warrant). We may also share your information voluntarily if we deem your User Content to be in direct violation of the law (such as evidence of a crime being committed).

If Weithy is sold or acquired (in part or in whole) to another entity, your data (User Content, Metadata, Account and Personal information) may be considered as part of the assets transferred.

Your information will be stored on our servers to be accessed by our Service. We reserve the right to backup your data onto an external storage device or a separate server.

You may deactivate your account at any time. However, deactivating your account does not guarantee the removal of data that you posted. Some of your data may be backed up onto a separate device or kept for future legal safeguards.

Weithy is intended for persons of 13 years of age or older. No one under the age of 13 may be allowed to use Weithy unless given permission by a legal guardian. In the event that we are informed that a User is under the age of 13, we reserve the right to immediately deactivate the account and remove any or all data. If you wish to report a user under the age of 13, please contact us here.

Weithy reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any point in the future. In the event of a Privacy Policy change, you will be notified before being allowed to continue to use our Service. By continuing to use our Service after a change in our Privacy Policy will constitute your approval of the given changes.